Our medical team consists of highly skilled physicians, board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Jennifer R. Santiago, M.D.
Marion Bissell M.D.
Aditi Agarwal, M.D.
Tina Pham M.D. 

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OB/Gyn Associates
of Northern Virginia Ltd.

6355 Walker Lane Suite 408
Alexandria, Va 22310
Phone: 703-719-5901
Fax: 703-719-9628

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Monday-Thursday 9:30 AM-5:00 PM
Friday 9:30 AM-4:00 PM

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12:30 PM & 1:30 PM

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Inova Alexandria Hospital
4320 Seminary Road
Alexandria, VA 22304
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We are pleased that you have chosen our office for Obstetrical and/or Gynecological care. This website is intended to give you a better understanding of how we work so that we can establish a successful and comfortable physician-patient relationship.

OB/Gyn Associates of Northern Virginia has been providing specialized medical care in the area of Obstetrics and Gynecology i n the Northern Virginia area since 1968.

We practice together to give you the best possible medical care as needed, and hope you will feel comfortable and secure with the treatment you receive. You too are part of this team, and we encourage you to actively participate in all aspects of your care. We appreciate your involvement in the decision making process required to insure your well-being.

You can expect to be treated professionally and courteously at all times. We comprise a health team which understands that women have special health care needs throughout their lives. We are concerned with these needs and welcome any suggestions you have that will help improve the care you receive.

One of our goals is to encourage women to take care of their bodies. As specialists trained in the field of women's medicine, we can help you do this by offering basic care during pregnancy, family planning needs and counseling, and annual examinations. To learn more about our available specialized care, please refer to the "services page".


These links as sources to promote women's health. Please note: we cannot always guarantee their validity, nor do we always agree with their content. Full page>>

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Ob/Gyn Associates of Northern Virginia has qualified and professional doctors, all of them with years of experience in women's health, obstetrics and gynecology. We offer the full spectrum of obstetrical and gynecological services that encompass outpatient, inpatient and office-based fulfillment.


Healthy Pregnancy • High Risk Pregnancy • Preconception Consultation • Genetic Counseling    Prenatal Care • Management of Labor • Vaginal and Cesarean Deliveries • Post Partum Care •


Annual Exams • Healthy Living • Healthcare Screening • Surviving Menopause • Managing Menses Pelvic Pain • Contraception • STD Screening • HPV Vaccine • Abnormal Pap Smears • Colposcopy • Ovarian Cysts • Fibroid • Bleeding Problems • Breast Exams •


Minimally Invasive Surgery • Laparoscopy • Hysterectomy • Advanced Laparoscopy • Hysteroscopy/Ablation • Tubal Sterilization • Endometriosis Excision • Adhesions • Condyloma Excision • LEEP • Cryotherapy•Vulvar and Vaginal Repairs • D&C• Cesarean Section •

Reproductive Medicine

Preconception Counseling • Prenatal Genetic Counseling • Infertility Workup • Ovulation Induction • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome • Endometriosis •

Women Wellness

Creating a healthy, lean body • BMI • Appetite and metabolism • Hormones and weight gain • Insulin resistance • Importance of Exercise • "EPA" Essential Fatty Acids • The Mediterranean diet • Mind Tricks • Healthy and Unhealthy Fats • Importance of Deep Breathing • Cellulite

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OB/Gyn Associates
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6355 Walker Lane Suite 408
Alexandria, Va 22310
Phone: 703-719-5901
Fax: 703-719-9628

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